Starter Classes

The Starter Classes are basically 1 on 1 training or very small group trainings with the aim of joining one of the group fitness classes of your choice.

I am a massive believer that group fitness classes are a great way to keep enjoying fitness on a long-term basis but not everyone feels like joining a group fitness class at first.

Maybe you have not long had a baby, your getting over an injury and need some close attention to start with or you just want to build on your fitness and technique before you join a group fitness class.

Whatever the reason the Starter Classes are here to get you going in the right direction, without a long-term Personal Trainer or the price tag that goes with it!

You can also grab a friend or two…. split the cost, have fun and get fit…..what’s not to like?

Depending on your goal, it normally takes 2 – 10 sessions before people will join the group classes.