Here are some of the most common questions and queries I have had. If there are any questions not covered here, just e-mail me.

Q.Do I need to do the Starter Classes before I can join the Group Classes?


Q. Can I join in the middle of a program? 


Q. What if I miss a lot of the sessions, can I get my money back?


Q. Do I need to bring any equipment?



A. No you don't. All Group Fitness Classes are adaptable to all fitness levels and we always start with the basics at the start of each program. Everyone is different and this is a different way of introducing or getting back to exercise in a way that suits you.


A. Sorry no. Week 1 of any of the programs is the only time that you can join. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly to insure that everyone in the group makes great improvements in their technique and fitness and can get the best from the program. This is not possible if people join in the middle of the program as it slows down the existing group members and is too much information at once for new ones.  

A.  In theory no, but I am human and willing to discuss depending on the reason.

All programs starting dates, end dates and holidays are clearly explained in the timetable. Always check this before committing to a program:o) to make sure you are going to make nearly all the sessions. Your paying for it so make the most of these sessions and get the best results possible.

A.  For Boxing, we do provide pads and gloves, but many people like to eventually buy their own. Boxing wraps are encouraged due to hygiene and wrist support.

For Kettlercise, all Kettlebells and mats are provided, as well as some wrist guards.

For BootCamp as it's all bodyweight, just your trainers and yourself!

Q. Can I come to the boxing session just once a week?

A.  Not at first. As a beginner boxer there is a lot of punching and padholding technique to learn and you will not learn it quick enough by coming once a week. You will get much more out of it if you come for a minimum x2 per week. If you want to try our other group classes and your technique is good enough then you could go down to x1 per week combining with another of our group classes.

Q. Boxing sounds dangerous will I get hurt?

A.  You and your boxing partner will use pads and gloves. There is no physical body contact. As long as you listen to the instructor:o), especially regarding technique on how to punch correctly and hold the pads then it is highly un-likely that you will ever hurt yourself.


Q. I’m not sure what I should wear for an outdoor BootCamp?

A. It really depends on the time of year and the weather. For Autumn/Winter, long leggings/sports trousers, long sleeved tops and don’t be afraid to add 2-3 layers when it really gets cold and some light waterproofs. Don’t forget hats and gloves too. Nothing should be too bulky as you still need to have good freedom of movement.

For Spring/Summer, shorts & t shirts are fine in the summer. In spring type weather I would still advise an extra layer for after training so you don’t cool down to quickly. You will still need gloves in spring and summertime.

Q. What if it is raining or snowing do you still do a BootCamp session?

A.  If it’s raining were still training! The exercises would just be adapted so that you don’t end up slipping and sliding around. There are actually very few conditions that stop us apart from lightning!!

Q. What if it is below freezing and icy?

A.  Yes and No. Obviously we need to be careful here and think about safety. If it was -10 and was very slippery it would be cancelled. (sessions would be refunded) But if it is dry ice then we go ahead. Correct clothing is a must!!


Q. What is the difference between Kettlercise and other Kettlebell training?

A. Kettlercise is a body transformation, toning and weight loss system. Kettlebell training is traditionally known as being used for strength, power and body building types of exercise. The Kettlercise approch is different to this.

The two main differences: the weight of the Kettlebell that is being used is smaller and the duration that the Kettlebell is being used for is much longer. Basically from the moment you start the warm up you do not stop! Kettlercise ® is THE single most effective Kettlebell fat burning exercise class, that uses the BSM method (Blood Shunting method) and is designed to re-shape and sculpt the body like never before.

Q. What size Kettlebells are used in a Kettlercise program?

A. For ladies between 2kg to 8kg and for men between 4kg to 12kg. At the beginning you start with a small weight and through-out the program you will find that you will natrurally increase the weight of the Kettlebell.

Q. Do I have to be super fit to attend a class?

A. Absolutely not! The beauty of Kettlercise is you can go at your own pace. We also have Kettlebells starting from 2kg in weight and you can do the exercises without a Kettlebell if needed, so we have all fitness levels covered, from an absolute beginner.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Loose fitting and comfortable clothing or athletic clothing, with comfortable running shoes or trainers. Also bring along some water and a small towel, as you will sweat!