Marie Barton - Head Coach at HIITme

Hi, I’m Marie and this is what I am about as a Fitness Coach.

My philosophy to health and fitness is very simple, down to earth and fun! For me personally and what I think most people need when it comes to exercise is to find something that they like, that fits into their schedule and is in a group fitness setting. That is the key to enjoying the benefits of exercise and we all want to feel the benefits of exercise both physically and mentally right......without it being boring or stressful. It works for me and it is a process I love seeing develop with clients and how it changes them to feel better within themselves. This is what I am about as a trainer and it is purely because I have been through the journey myself.

I had the usual tired, overweight issues that made me think Ok yes I will try this boxing class I have heard about, then known as JessBoxing:o) That was it, I was hooked from that first class. I had totally found an exercise that I enjoyed. I loved over time how it changed my mind and body and how for three times a week for 1 hour, I thought about absolutely nothing else apart from what I was doing then and there.

I would not have even thought about becoming a trainer had Jess the instructor not asked me too. As soon as the words were out of her mouth it was YES game on, I really want to do this! I loved how it felt as a client so why not pass that on as an instructor? Thankfully I loved teaching the class as much as I did when taking it.

After taking my Fitness Boxing Instructor courses with I then went on to train as a Gym Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer with Premier Training International in the UK.

I had been teaching Group Fitness classes for over 11 years which I did as well as my day job, until 2015 when I resigned from my nice steady safe job and decided to teach fitness full time. The rest as they say is History!

Hope to see you soon in any one of our classes, Marie


Rejane Weil - Boxing Instructor

Hi, I'm Rejane and this is how I got into fitness.

It was by chance that I became an Instructor and it turned out to be a new beginning.

I’m the French member of the crew. I have always been very sporty: 25 years of basketball, skiing every winter and running when I hit my 30′s.

Over 7 years ago I thought I would try something new so I took a the Boxing class (then known as JessBoxing:o) and that was it! a revelation!

I had found the greatest workout in Luxembourg that reminded me of my early years in the regional basketball team: great friendship, spirit and the desire to outdo yourself.

Besides the full body workout, which nicely re-shaped my body, the boxing side helped to regain self-confidence. I found the class inspiring, you would always be pushed beyond your limits to get the best out of you for the better. Going to Boxing was just like breathing.

When Jess left to go home to Sweden and Marie continued the class, I naturally decided to join the Crew to help and contribute to keep the healthy feel good adventure going.

I reviewed my career plans to become a fitness trainer. I went on various trainings to get qualified as fitness coach, including pilates, matwork, functional training and I am a certified Boxercise Instructor.

And just to add to the challenge I ran the Paris Marathon last year!

Teaching and getting people to reach their fitness goals is so rewarding, I love it!

Hope to see you soon, ready with the pads and gloves on!